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Making the Case for Complexity in Design

By Chloe Hill

March 24, 2016

Initial TruRest design concepts (sketches)

Initial TruRest design concepts (sketches)

Initial TruRest design concepts (mock-ups)

TruRest design concept with minimal adjustment features included

Your Perfect Angle

Early TruRest rendering including height adjustments and face plate concepts

Initial TruRest cushion prototypes

TruRest design concept including feet and color coded adjustment features

CES Products Use Technology to Improve Health and Enhance Daily Living

By Chloe Hill

February 3, 2016

Clarity Air Purifier

Bellabeat Leaf

Oura Ring

In flight...


Surface Pro 4 in tablet mode


TruRest with cushions on top iPad

TruRest with cushions next to iPad

TruRest w/o cushions on top of iPad

At a cafe...

In the office...

At school...

In the home...

Why Experimentation is Important for Product Development

By Chloe Hill

January 19, 2016

Experimentation is crucial to product development and arriving at the best solution to a problem. Working this way can lead to “outside the box” thinking. It requires seeing the potential of something or using something for a purpose that it may not have originally been designed for.


It requires playing around and having some imagination. Children are great at this. To a child a cardboard box or an empty plastic bottle holds so many possibilities!


That is a state that many adults, particularly creative adults, are constantly trying to nurture within themselves. Seeing something fresh – almost to see it as if for the first time – with childlike wonder.


This is how many amazing new products get invented, created and developed.


Take, Bill Bowerman, co-founders of Nike. He sat down to breakfast one morning in 1971 and decided that a waffle maker could serve another purpose besides just making waffles.


The University of Oregon’s track was about to be replaced with an artificial surface prompting the need for a shoe that could grip without spikes. Also, as a track coach Bowerman was seeking a way to make a lighter, faster running shoe for the athletes he trained.


While making waffles with his wife that morning, Bowerman concluded that by turning the waffle iron upside down, so that the waffle indentations could protrude and theoretically grip the surface of the track, one could make an excellent shoe sole for a running shoe.

With that idea in mind he entered his lab, dismantled the waffle maker, mixed and poured urethane onto the back side of the waffle iron, and the Nike waffle trainer, a shoe that continues to be popular to this day, was born.



For example, we are exploring a number of different materials for the TruRest cushions. In considering a delicate area such as the face, we want a material that is soft, non-toxic, and safe for contact with the skin and mucus membranes of the nose and eyes. We also want a material that is hypo-allergenic, breathable, anti-microbial, supportive, easy to clean and as eco-friendly as possible.


For our initial testing we went to Walgreens and bought bath sponges, gel shoe inserts and makup-up wedge sponges, cut them up and assembled each material to fit the face plate of the TruRest and then tested each one out.

Bath Sponge... cut up and assembled on TruRest

Gel Shoe Soles... cut up and assembled on TruRest

Make-up sponges

assembled on TruRest

Ariaprene sewn into cushions.


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